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     Tutoring children with learning challenges was naturally inspired by Alison Teed’s own primary school years. “Slow” and “lazy” appeared frequently on her report cards in elementary grades. “Alison needs to try harder,” “Alison can do better,” became taunting comments noted by uninformed educators, who, in the 1950s, had barely  heard of dyslexia. Things changed dramatically, however, when Alison  launched  out after  graduating  high  school. She soon discovered that  she  was  very much smarter than her report cards reported!

     One day in 1976, one of Alison’s friends contacted her, seeking her help. “Would you please help Johnny? Would you tutor him?”

     Johnny had failed grade one and informed his mother that he would have to commit suicide. Of course she would help. This began a decade of tutoring children from ages 6 to 16 (and later adults) who were challenged in reading and mathematics. Out of her own pain and disappointment, and discovery of her own hidden “smarts”, flowed empathy and determination to see these children not just pass a grade, but draw from their hidden reservoir, the very best Johnny or Suzy they could be.

     Later, while attending university, Alison became inspired to write short stories and poetry for children, with a desire to once more reach out and inspire self-worth in children—and encourage every child  to  accomplish more than they thought they ever could. To all the little “smarty”  and  “worry  wart”  children (of whom Alison was one).

     Oh...yes...Alison's pseudonym  Agnes Beatrice honors. her mother. 







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Welcome to the world of Agnes Beatrice. These stories are written to delightfully entertain, inspire and encourage children of all ages. From poetry to action and adventures. The author would love to hear from you, so please write soon!

                                                                 Agnes Beatrice


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