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Brave Men and Living Legends is a boy’s right of passage story. It is a crossover from old traditions and ways, into modern day concepts and life. The story is carefully researched in order to make it as authentic in its details as possible. If by chance the author has slipped up in a detail, please forgive her now! The choice of the name, Nukilik, was discovered while researching on-line. Nuk means nerve (brave) and Nukilik means strong—ironically the same meaning as the author's grandson, Riki (Japanese), and husband, Brian. Some details, like all the tea drinking, and laughter were not only a discovery during research, but sparked the memories of the author’s heritage as well and lends to the authenticity of the story. Living off the land was a real part of the author’s upbringing.

                                                                 Agnes Beatrice, Author

Brave Men and Living Legends

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