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The author was privileged to live several years in Southern Alberta, while she was working on another writing project. During this time, she and her husband travelled about the foothills, photographing the wildlife and landscapes. Upon her return to the West Coast, she remained in their motor home, parked in a friend’s driveway. Each morning, while she worked on her manuscript, several small rabbits appeared from the lush gardens to graze in and about the small orchard. This little story was inspired by the delight of watching these little creatures hopping about in secret. One day the inspiration was heightened as her friend’s three young granddaughters appeared on the lawn with extended umbrellas. They turned on the water sprinkler and proceeded to entertain themselves, and the author, by dashing back and forth through the ‘rain’, squealing with delight and beaming with great satisfaction at their witty invention. Thus, the girl rabbits in the foothills of Alberta. I am forever grateful to my friend and to her granddaughters — and of course, the rabbits for their fruitful inspiration!

                                                                    Agnes Beatrice, Author

Rabbit Hill Farm: Volume IV A Holy Jolly Christmas

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